Insomnia Festival – Gathering of the greats, Oct 2016, Tromsø, Norway

It’s now the 15th edition of Insomnia Festival, due to take place October 27 -29, 2016 in Tromsø, Norway

Insomnia festival is part of the We Are Europe and will be the closing event of We Are Europe’s first year. Reworks Festival and Sónar are invited to make a list of the finest artists based on their preferences.

If you’re lucky enough to turn up early on the Wednesday don’t miss Dirty Electronics hosting a workshop with Sónar by turning vocals into live visual code.

The price of the event is 750 Kroner (Around £87.50) and there is a cheaper version for students at 550Kr.

Tromsø is a significant cultural retreat in Norway and also a world famous location for viewing the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights. Also dominating the skyline is the 1965 Artic Cathedral with it’s giant stained-glass windows.

Notable artists include:

Big names in Spanish electronic music Bruna & Wooky, directors of Lapsus Records, are set to display their latest tracks.

Biosphere, Andre Bratten, Kablam, Jlin, Bow to Each Other, Hyperactivist, Klara Lewis, Mix Mup, Peder Mannerfelt, Charlotte Bendiks

Finally the rapper Ata Kak, (Sónar 2016), The Rattler Proxy (Greek) and techno artist Kassem Mosse from Germany will finish off the massive nights.